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Late yesterday afternoon (6:15 p.m.) we laid the last piece of cordwood into the wall.  This baby has taken 4 1/2 years to be born.  After focusing our energies there for so long, it is a bit odd to wake up and not have to suit up for the battle with mortar and wood.  It is a momentous and monumental event.  We feel joy as well.  There is a bit of work before we can move in, but are targeting next summer for it to be livable (not done), but suitable for habitation with much inside work to be done.

IMG_0610IMG_0614  IMG_0611


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IMG_0608 IMG_0607A couple of weeks ago, when tornado’s had been sighted nearby, we had experienced blustery weather (no damage) and a bit of rain.  Nature left us these gorgeous paintings afterwards!

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IMG_0600 IMG_0596 We must cover all openings to prevent the swallows from returning to their previous season’s homes (masterfully crafted by the way), which they try to do anytime there is an  opening to the outside.  So, the blankets we used to prevent freezing mortar in the fall, are being dual-purposed as barriers!

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