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Kim has planned extensively and worked hard on this project.  It has come quite a ways, taken a considerable amount of time (one wants to do these things right), and soon will be able to demonstrate its purpose.  I couldn’t wait until it was finished to post.  Stay tuned for future photos which will display the finished product in all its glory!  Here is a teaser!20170218_142437 20170218_142346 20170218_142339 20170218_142608


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Workroom Lighting!


Lighting in my fiber workroom (courtesy of Kim).  I like it!20160104_122644

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Kim diligently researched the best device for our needs and installed it.  A  couple of days later, after starting a fire in the masonry fireplace, when he returned to close the drafts, the unit was leaking antifreeze and water all over the floor.  The control panel had been melted to render it ineffective!  Besides having to immediately reroute the pipes to prevent further fluid loss, he now had to come to terms as to what to do next.

After contacting the company, they sent another unit (left), which fortunately appears to work better than the first and has not yet had problems.  We certainly wish we could have avoided all the delays and inconvenience … and replacing the part did not replace the hours he had invested in the installation.  But … it appears we are back where we started from and can move ahead again!
20160104_113006 20151107_164237

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